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Signage Solutions

With an almost unlimited array of design styles, materials and manufacturing methods, SouthWood can customize a wide variety of sign types and styles tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you have a particular need in mind or know what solution you want signage to provide, we can help you get ideas with products we have created for others with a similar need.

  • Entry Momument

    Entry Monuments

    The largest and most permanent form of identification.

  • Sign Systems

    A series of related signs sharing multiple common traits.

  • Architectural Signage

    Signage themed to compliment the surrounding built environment.

  • Illuminated Sign

    Illuminated Signs

    Direct or indirect lighting can be achieved through a variety of applications.

  • Exterior Signs

    Sign types include entry monuments, directional signs, regulatory and traffic control.

  • Interior Signs

    Sign types include lobby logos, parking deck signs, room names and numbers.

  • ADA Signs

    Under the ADA Act, many facilities are required to use tactile and Braille signs.

  • Traffic & Streetscape Signage

    Appealing signage that doesn't lose sight of its regulatory mission

  • Letters & Logos

    Custom exterior and interior applications can be created from a large variety of materials and methods.