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Government Signage

From "Welcome to" signs for local municipalities to large, nationwide signage systems for multi-site federal government agencies, SouthWood has provided signage solutions for hundreds of organizations.  Governmental agencies representing local, regional, state and national interests all recognize that identification of their facilities in a tasteful and functional manner is in the public’s best interest and speaks well of their own agencies’ vision. Because of the scrutiny placed upon the use of taxpayer dollars, it is essential they be spent wisely on durable, long-lasting solutions. SouthWood is proud of its proven track record of working with these clients to assure that the solutions provided are not only functional and attractive but also will stand the test of time.

Case Studies

  • Case Study

    University City

    Traffic and streetscape signage for a vibrant and growing city district.

  • Case Study

    Town of Blowing Rock

    Identification, directional and information signage for a mountain destination.