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Leisure & Recreation Signage

From our earliest roots as fabricators of wooden signs, SouthWood has been active in all segments of the leisure and recreation industry. Parks, golf and country clubs, YMCAs, zoos and botanical gardens have often recognized that signage for their environments needs to be less “commercial” looking, more “natural”, although the old standby of wood signs is but one of many suitable options today.  To the degree these signs are used in rather public and accessible places, extra thought must be given to maintenance and durability, considering initial purchase price versus life cycle costs. A comprehensive system of well-designed elements can effectively create an identity and help a facility run smoothly.

Park signage
  • Park signage
  • Park signage

Case Studies

  • Case Study

    Carolina Thread Trail

    Trail head markers and signage for a regional trail system.

  • Case Study

    Mahogany Bay

    Statement piece signage for a Caribbean port of call.

  • Case Study

    Amber Cove

    Signage for Carnival Cruise Line's new Dominican Republic port of call